Valhalla, NY – The largest bioterrorism attack in the U.S. occurred in September 1984, when followers of Baghwan Shree Rajneesh contaminated salad bars at ten restaurants in Dalles, Oregon with salmonella. Seven hundred and fifty-one people fell ill, proving that terrorists don’t have to strike at military targets to wreak havoc. Since then, we have seen unnerving acts such as anthrax mailed to unsuspecting victims, planes deliberately flown into skyscrapers, and children used as human bombs.

To combat the threat of terrorism, New York Medical College (NYMC) founded the Center of Excellence in Precision Responses to Bioterrorism and Disasters in 2017. The Center is the first of its kind in the Mid-Hudson Region.

On July 10, Senator Terrence Murphy announced that he had obtained a grant of $750,000 to support the expansion of the Center’s training program at a press conference held at the Center of Excellence. The sum marks a major increase in funding for the Center, which had received $500,000 from the State in 2017.

Murphy Abinanti cheer 750k to expand local anti terrorism center2

“Bioterrorism poses distinctive challenges for preparedness, protection, and response,” said Senator Murphy. “New Yorkers are very much aware that we are targets for acts of terrorism. The Center allows us to be proactive. It is critical to our region’s preparedness to have trained personnel who can respond to any life-threatening incident within our communities. I am proud to have secured $750,000 in funding to allow the Center to expand their mission to protect our families from catastrophic bio-terrorism and man-made disasters.”

Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., Chancellor and CEO of NYMC said, “I experienced the tragedy of 9/11 differently than most of you here today. I was not living in New York at the time. I lived in the safest place anyone could envision. A few days after the attack I was driving with my daughter in our car. She said ‘Daddy is everything alright?’ ‘Are we going to be okay?’ For the first time in my life, I was experiencing domestic terrorism. It was difficult to explain to her what we as a country were going through. The lesson I tried to convey was that if you attack America, the fight is not over until we say it is over. The Center of Excellence will provide first responders and health care providers with the training they will need to respond to all types of disasters that will help keep our families safe. No one should ever have the type of conversation that I had with my daughter ever again.”

“This Center of Excellence in Precision Responses to Bioterrorism and Disasters is designed to intensify and solidify our preparedness as a state and as a nation, and to defend against all threats, whether intentional, accidental or natural,” noted Dean Robert Amler, M.D., MBA, Vice President of Government Affairs, NYMC. “The increase in funding we received this year has made it possible to provide more in-depth training, including preparing in real time for incidents of terrorism that are all too common in today’s world.”

Michael Reilly, DR. P.H., M.P.H, Director of the Center of Excellence in Precision Responses to Bioterrorism and Disasters for NYMC added, “It’s one thing to teach someone in a well-lit, quiet room where the temperature is a comfortable seventy degrees, and another situation altogether when you’re trying to work in the dark in the sweltering heat with music blaring and distraught people are all screaming at once. We train medical personnel and first responders to work under the most adverse conditions; because that is the situation they are most often going to find themselves in. We are looking forward to expanding our services and hope that with continued State support we can deliver critically needed state-of-the-art training programs.”

Murphy Abinanti cheer 750k to expand local anti terrorism center3

The Center combines New York Medical College’s globally recognized assets in disaster medicine and medical countermeasures with individualized precision medical strategies against biological and chemical threats and seeks to translate research findings in order to protect Americans from the threat of catastrophic bioterrorism and man-made disasters. The increased financial support will allow NYMC to expand its training programs for hospitals, health systems, and first responders throughout the State. The school had committed funding for the renovation of a new state-of-the-art dedicated training facility on its Valhalla campus that will provide additional classroom space, disaster simulation and real-world scenario-based training for first responders.

“I am pleased that we were able to increase New York’s contribution to the Center of Excellence. The Center will continue to bring together the best and the brightest to develop innovative tools to shield our community from those who would destroy our way of life,” said Assemblyman Tom Abinanti. “I applaud the medical college’s vision and perseverance in fashioning this unique program to prepare first responders at a time when bioterrorism is a significant international concern and disasters are becoming more commonplace.”

Mt. Pleasant Town Councilman Anthony Amiano commented, “Thank you to State Senator Terrence Murphy for securing these important funds that will directly assist preparation efforts for public safety and health care responses during critical times of need. We are fortunate to have this Center of Excellence at New York Medical College in the Town of Mount Pleasant.”

“I was working on 9/11. It was a quiet day. Someone called and said a plane had struck the World Trade Center. Then another plane hit. All of the sudden the world changed in an instant and was never the same,” remembered John Hodges, Chief Inspector for the Westchester County Police. “Training is the vital element that allows us to respond efficiently. The Center of Excellence is a tremendous asset that allows us to prepare under austere, real-life conditions.”

Michael Hagan, President, Westchester County Police Benevolent Association stated, “The programs and training provided by the Center of Excellence ensure we will have the tools we need to protect our lives and the lives of those we serve. On behalf of law enforcement, we appreciate the efforts of New York Medical College and Senator Murphy and look forward to continuing to work together.”

“We live in a region that is high risk,” said Jenna Mandel-Ricci, Vice President, Regulatory & Professional Affairs, Greater New York Hospital Association. “Improving responsiveness is the key to minimizing any incident during a crisis situation. We have been working with the Center to develop training for emergency departments on the management of large mass casualty events. This critical funding increase will ultimately help save lives.”

Sherlita Amler, M.D., Commissioner of Health at Westchester County was on hand to represent Westchester County Executive George Latimer. Among the many other guests in attendance were Alonzo West, President of the Westchester Correction Officers Benevolent Association, Peter Dickiarra, Westchester County Correction Superior Officers Association, and Brian Gates Senior Vice President, Hudson Valley Development Corporation.

New York State has established and currently supports 11 Centers of Excellence throughout the State. Three such centers exist in Rochester, two each in Buffalo and Long Island, and one in Syracuse, Albany, and Binghamton. Prior to the opening of this Center in Valhalla, the Hudson Valley had no such designation.

Founded in 1860, New York Medical College is one of the oldest and largest health sciences colleges in the country with more than 1,400 students, 1,300 residents and clinical fellows, nearly 3,000 faculty members, and 19,000 living alumni. The College, which joined the Touro College and University System in 2011, is located in Westchester County, New York, and offers degrees from the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of Health Sciences and Practice, a School of Dental Medicine and a School of Nursing. NYMC provides a wide variety of clinical training opportunities for students, residents, and practitioners.

Three Planned Meetings Exclude Westchester, Rockland

Sleepy Hollow, NY – Today marks the first meeting hosted by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) to explore the impact of offshore barriers, land-based floodwalls and the potential of a levee system for the Hudson River. Meetings are scheduled this week for New York City, New Jersey and Poughkeepsie, leaving Westchester and Rockland residents in the dark about the proposals. In a letter to Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, State Senator Terrence Murphy is urging ACE to add an additional meeting in the Village of Sleepy Hollow.

“The Lower Hudson Valley, specifically Westchester and Rockland Counties, is the largest population center outside of New York City and serves as the home to the heart of the Hudson River Estuary,” Murphy explained. “Considering the ecological sensitivities and economic investments our region continues to explore, I am respectfully requesting an additional meeting be scheduled in the Village of Sleepy Hollow so that additional information and input can be provided.”

This past weekend John Lipscome, who serves as the Riverkeeper, explained to News12 that the plan would basically, “…put a plastic bag over the river’s head.” He says the Hudson River is an estuary for many species from the Atlantic Ocean, including those that are endangered.

The New York Times reported the barriers proposed for New York Harbor are “conceptual,” without any details released to the public beyond dotted lines on a map. One alternative calls for a surge barrier at the mouth of the harbor from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to Breezy Point in Queens. Other call for multiiple shorter barriers from Staten Island to Brooklyn and at various other locations blocking tributaries.

Some estimates have the price tag for the total project at $25 billion and take decades to complete. Concerns have been raised that it could cause worse flooding in certain areas and harm nearby beaches.

“The federal government has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in other estuaries along the East Coast,” noted Murphy. “While the Hudson River has been consistently overlooked, this is a great opportunity to work together to find viable solutions to address its many needs. However, our region must have a seat at the table for these conversations.”

Grant Provides Funds for Two New Speed Enforcement Signs

Valhalla, NY – We’re always in a hurry, and too many of us forget that speed kills. To help prevent accidents and remind drivers to pay attention to posted speed limits, the Town of Mount Pleasant has installed a pair of solar powered stationary radar speed enforcement signs on one of its busiest streets. The signs, located on the north and south end of Columbus Avenue, were financed through a $5,000 grant provided by Senator Terrence Murphy.

“These signs could help save lives. We live in times when we’re always on the go. I’ve seen people barrel through densely populated neighborhoods like they’re racing in the Indianapolis 500,” said Senator Murphy. “These signs will remind lead-footed drivers that they’re creating a dangerous situation by speeding, that they’re breaking the law, and that they need to slow down.”

Mt. Pleasant Chief of Police Paul Oliva stated. “Sometimes drivers are unaware of how fast they’re going. The speed indicator sign has been very effective in serving as a reminder to drivers that they are entering a congested residential area. There are kids, seniors, and families here, and we want them to be safe. Also, because the sign is solar powered, it’s also cost-efficient.”

As a vehicle approaches the sign, the radar unit measures how fast the vehicle is going and posts its speed in green light if the vehicle is traveling within the speed limit. The speed is displayed in red light if the vehicle is exceeding the posted limit. The sign is also programmed to show statements such as “thank you” or “slow down.”

A recent study has shown that speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a radar sign and that radar speed signs are particularly effective at getting “super speeders”-speeders driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit-to slow down.

New York, NY – The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 1-2 AFL-CIO, one of the largest unions in the state, has endorsed Senator Terrence Murphy as he seeks a third term to represent the 40th Senate District. The UWUA represents tens of thousands of members working in the electric, gas, water, and nuclear industries in the New York area, including the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

“Growing up in a union home I know my Dad is smiling about today’s endorsement. He served as the business agent for Local 1-2 for more than 20 years and taught me the importance of hard work. Local 1-2 has been a vital presence in our communities, working to keep the power running for our homes, businesses, hospitals and schools,” said Senator Murphy. “They are now facing their biggest challenge – the closing of Indian Point – and together we will find solutions to keep these highly skilled workers on the job. Local 1-2 serves as a sterling example that when a diverse group of people stand together, they will not be defeated.”

James T. Sleven, President of Local 1-2 stated, “Senator Murphy stands strong for the men and women across New York State. As the son of a Local 1-2 Business Agent, Senator Murphy knows full well we value hard work, honesty and sticking together in good times and bad. As a protector and defender of Labor in the Senate, we know you will do your utmost for the men and women of Local 1-2, especially those that work at Indian Point, as well as all New Yorkers to ensure that when Entergy exits New York State it will not leave a legacy of economic destruction.

Senator Murphy has been a strong advocate for utility workers in the legislature. When Entergy announced it would be closing the Indian Point power plant by 2021, residents living near the plant began worrying about their mortgages, their jobs, and whether their local schools could stay open.

Senator Murphy championed legislation to retain the 1,200 employees at the plant and have them be trained to work through the decommission process and become skilled workers in the growing green economy. A bill he sponsored, S8326, enacted the “Nuclear Facility Closing Workers’ Protection Act,” which establishes provisions for the protection of the health, safety and employment rights of persons losing their employment from the closure of nuclear electric plants in Westchester County.

Senator Murphy’s dedication to aiding the communities impacted by the closure of Indian Point have been heralded time and again. In this year’s state budget, Murphy secured $24 million to protect local taxpayers from future financial hardship caused by the plant’s closure.

UWUA Local 1-2 now join the Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters and Teamsters Local 456 in endorsing Senator Murphy’s reelection efforts.

Senator Murphy’s Successful Drug Take-Back Program Now in its Third Year

Mt. Pleasant, NY – The weather refused to cooperate, shifting from stormy to steamy, but that didn’t deter conscientious residents in Mount Pleasant from responding to Senator Terrence Murphy’s offer to “shed their meds.”

Now in its third year, Senator Murphy’s successful drug take-back program, “Shed the Meds” helps residents dispose of their outdated prescription drugs and keeps children, adults, and seniors safe. Shed the Meds made its summer debut at the Mount Pleasant Town Hall on June 28, sponsored by Senator Murphy in partnership with the Town of Mt. Pleasant, the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, and the Thornwood Lions.

“The drug crisis is insidious; it has crept into every community and is endangering the safety of our families,” said Senator Murphy. “Most people don’t know what to do with their expired or excess drugs. ‘Shed the Meds’ is a safe, efficient way to dispose of prescription drugs that could wind up harming our children or polluting our waterways.”

Scores of Mt  Pleasant residents Shed their Meds2

“This is the third year we have hosted ‘Shed the Meds’ in Mount Pleasant,” said Mt. Pleasant Town Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi. “It remains a valuable service that is appreciated by the community. Anything we can do to get these medications off the streets helps protect our families.”

Paul Oliva, Chief of Police for Mt. Pleasant added. “I think this is a fantastic program. It gives people an outlet to get rid of potentially hazardous drugs in their home that could harm their loved ones or wind up in the wrong hands. This is a good step forward in helping to fight the opioid crisis.”

Safe disposal helps protect the environment and eliminates the risk of these drugs getting into the hands of small children or those who might misuse them. Improper disposal of medications, such as pouring them down the drain or flushing them down the toilet, can potentially pollute local waterways.

Future “Shed the Meds” events will be held this summer in Somers, Yorktown and Carmel and will be announced in the near future.

New Law Cracks Down on Price Gouging & Scams in Entertainment Ticket Releases
Albany, NY – won stronger protections for ticket consumers throughout New York State after his legislation to increase transparency and crack down on bad actors became law.

The legislation, S8501B, signed into law by the Governor on Sunday, extends protections in the market that expired on June 30 and adds new safeguards for consumers against deceptive tactics and price gouging. The new measures represent the most significant change to the ticket sale law in over a decade.

“Any hardworking New Yorker who purchases a ticket to the world class entertainment and sporting events in our state should never fear being ripped off. This law provides consumers with the confidence and peace of mind that when they are purchasing tickets to see a Broadway show, a ballgame, or a musical performance, they will not be scammed. I thank Governor Cuomo for signing my legislation into law to protect the integrity of this industry,” said Senator Murphy.

In 2016, the Senate Republican Majority successfully battled against “bots,” or automated ticketing software, from mass purchases that resulted in everyday consumers from being locked out of buying tickets at face value.

Expanding on that effort, the new law focuses on tactics used to deceptively sell overpriced admissions to New York venues.

The Office of the Attorney General provided dozens of reports by consumers detailing businesses creating websites with strikingly similar names to a venue’s, but under the law a reseller would now be required to disclose clearly to the public that they are a secondary agent. Websites reselling tickets must also conspicuously share license numbers and disclosures if sales are transferred to another agent.

Operators would also be required to disclose total fees and surcharges associated with a ticket purchase prior to completion of the sale.

While bots or similar ticket purchasing software are banned under current law, the law now adds a penalty for using a bot that could result in the loss of a reseller’s license for up to three years.

Mt. Kisco, NY – Everybody loves a birthday surprise. Senator Terrence Murphy surprised a group of senior citizens at the Fox Senior Center in Mount Kisco on June 27 when he dropped in to wish them a happy birthday. June has been a busy month for the center with forty seniors celebrating their birthdays. “Just because you’ve gotten older, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun,” said Senator Murphy “The seniors at the center are a vibrant, active group who can still kick up their heels and are very much in touch with what’s going on in their community. Happy birthday to those seniors celebrating this month, and continued good health to everyone else at the Fox Senior Center.”

Liz Dieter Recreation Supervisor for the center commented, “Everyone looks forward to our monthly birthday parties because they get to celebrate with the friends they’ve made at the center through the years. We’re always happy when our elected officials come by to speak with our seniors and listen to what’s on their minds.”

Seniors at Fox Center get surprise birthday visit from Senator Murphy2
Birthday girl Patricia Lee said, “I’m blessed to be in Mount Kisco. This is a wonderful senior center and it was nice of Senator Murphy to take time from his busy day to come by and spend some time with us.”

Jeanne Lakin will be 92 years young in August. She says that being at the senior center helps her feel young and that having a good time with friends never gets old. “I came to Mount Kisco by accident,” she recalled. “The luckiest and smartest thing I ever did was to decide to stay. This is a great center and having Senator Murphy visit makes the day even better.”

The Fox Senior Center is the home of the Mount Kisco Senior Recreation Group and the Mount Kisco Senior Nutrition Program. The Center provides a wide variety of intellectual and recreational opportunities, including wellness and exercise classes, workshops, health screenings, computer classes, cultural arts celebrations and intergenerational partnerships.

Iconic Ice Cream Shop Receives First NY State Senate Empire Business Award

Somers, NY – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. And since 1953, thousands of customers have been shouting in praise of King Kone. Senator Terrence Murphy is one of the ice cream shop’s many lifelong customers with fond memories of visiting King Kone as a child. In recognition of King Kone’s economic and social impact on the community, Senator Murphy recently presented its co-owner, Brian Hopkins, with the first New York State Senate Empire Business Award.

Senator Murphy was joined by Somers Supervisor Rick Morrissey and Team Murphy mascot “Murph the Lion” as he presented Hopkins with the award. The award is given to businesses in recognition of their outstanding contributions, dedication to growth, prosperity, and the betterment of the community and New York State.

“King Kone is a local tradition. Their ice cream will make you feel like a kid again,” said Senator Murphy. “It is appropriate that Brian and his wife Deborah are the first business owners to receive this award, not only because King Kone is a unique success story, but also because of its long tradition of making people happy.”

Supervisor Morrissey said, “King Kone is one of our most successful and instantly recognizable local businesses. I often ask my wife, ‘How long do you think the line is at King Kone?’ If the lines are long, then that’s a good thing for the economy. King Kone is a local jewel, a place where family and friends can enjoy each other’s company and have great old-fashioned ice cream or a delicious meal.”

“We have been in this community for a long time and we love what we do,” stated Brian Hopkins. “It’s good to be recognized for putting smiles on people’s faces.”

King Kone crowned by Senator Murphy2

You could say that the Hopkins have built themselves an “empire”. Located at Whitehall Corners at Routes 35 and 100 in Somers, Brian and Deborah Hopkins have owned King Kone since 2000. The Hopkins have been in the ice cream business for nearly 30 years and owned a gourmet shop in Armonk for 15 years prior to buying King Kone.

The Hopkins do not skimp on the quality of their menu items. They are also known in the community for their generosity. “Don’t throw out the mistakes,” Bob often says. The mistakes – when a customer orders the wrong flavor or changes their mind – wind up in the freezer and are donated to local organizations, local retail workers who toil late at night, or anyone the Hopkins feel may need a lift.

Lines at King Kone can indeed at times stretch down the street but as the old saying goes, anything worth having is worth the wait. The shop’s main attraction is old-fashioned soft-serve ice cream in all its incarnations: cups, cones, shakes, sundaes, floats, and flurries. In addition, customers can enjoy lobster rolls, fried clams, burgers, hot dogs and more.

A dead proposal New York harbor storm-surge barrier, originally proposed by the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Storm Surge Working Group, is being resurrected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as one of the alternatives in their ongoing “New York and New Jersey Harbor and Tributaries Focus Area Feasibility Study” whose findings are being presented a series of public meetings that were just announced.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY – If the 2018 storm season has made anything clear, it is that the lessons learned six years ago from Hurricane Sandy are yet to be implemented. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is now considering six different plans that include massive offshore barriers, land-based floodwalls and a levee system which could permanently change the Hudson River and threaten its very existence.

While some might view it as a positive step that USACE is conducting the coastal storm risk management study for the New York harbor and its tributaries including the Hudson, Senator Terrence Murphy is concerned that major decisions about the study’s outcomes are being fast-tracked with little to no public input. “We’ve had six years to do something about coastal flooding and storm surge, and now with just twelve days’ notice, there will be public meetings on a plan that could forever change the ecology, view lines and navigability of our river, and not a single one in Westchester-Rockland, the ecological heart of the estuary,” he said.

“The public needs to be involved and be present at these meetings, because our Hudson River comes above all else,” Senator Murphy said. “This is putting the storm before the calm and is bigger than the ill-conceived proposal to turn the river into a parking lot for oil barges. What’s worse, not a single one of these meetings will be held in Westchester County, which could be most affected by the decision to implement one of more of these alternatives.”

USACE will be holding a series of public meetings that were just announced to examine the alternatives. The meeting dates and locations are as follows:

  • Monday, July 9, 3-5 p.m., NYC: Borough of Manhattan Community Center in Tribeca, enter at 199 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007, between Greenwich St. and the West Side Highway. The session is in the Conference Room-Richard Harris Terrace, on the main floor.
  • Monday, July 9, 6-8 p.m., NYC: (duplicate session) at the Borough of Manhattan Community Center in Tribeca, enter at 199 Chambers St., Manhattan, between Greenwich St. and the West Side Highway. The session is in the Conference Room-Richard Harris Terrace, on the main floor.
  • Tuesday, July 10, 3-5 p.m., Newark: Rutgers University-Newark Campus, Paul Robeson Campus Center, 2nd floor, Essex Room. Entrance is at 350 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Newark, N.J.
  • Tuesday, July 10, 6-8 p.m., Newark: (duplicate session) at Rutgers University-Newark Campus, Paul Robeson Campus Center, 2nd floor, Essex Room. Entrance is at 350 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Newark, N.J.
  • Wednesday, July 11, 6-8 p.m., Poughkeepsie: Hudson Valley Community Center (Auditorium room), 110 Grand Avenue, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


The USACE study was executed with the States of New York and New Jersey, represented by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, on July 15, 2016. Several other agency stakeholders, including New York City, partnered with the study. The next phase of the $19.4 million study involves examining six measures, including taking no action, which warrant further investigation to better manage coastal flood risks that remain in the region. A full range of risk reduction measures are going to be offered to communities and include structural, nonstructural, and natural and nature-based features designed to reduce the frequency and intensity of flooding such as floodwalls, levees, beach fill, dunes, and offshore bars.

“We know that intense storms are becoming more and more frequent and something must be done, but let’s put in the time and thought and have the public comment needed to make informed decisions,” Senator Murphy said. “I am calling on USACE and the State Department of Environmental Conservation to hit the brakes, schedule a meeting in Westchester, and make sure the public is guiding the discussion before they make any rash decisions that will have permanent effects.”

Receives Thumbs Up from Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters I.A.F.F., Local 2956
Mohegan Lake, NY – Firefighters are a closely-knit, devoted group of heroic men and women deeply tied to their community. A lifetime Yorktown resident, Senator Terrence Murphy has championed the life-saving efforts of our local firefighters. In recognition and appreciation of Senator Murphy’s support, The Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters, Local 2956, have enthusiastically endorsed his 2018 reelection bid.
“Public safety in our communities and protecting the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe has been one of my top priorities ever since I was first elected to the Senate in 2014,” said Senator Murphy. “The Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters represent some of the bravest first responders in Westchester County. Receiving their endorsement and knowing they believe in my leadership is an incredible honor.”
Paul Denault, President of the Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters, Local 2956 stated, “I am proud to announce our endorsement of Terrence Murphy for reelection to the New York State Senate in the 40th Senate District. Senator Murphy has been, and will continue to be, a positive attribute to Professional Fire Fighters by continuously having our best interest in mind. The Lake Mohegan Professional Fire Fighters look forward to continuing a positive working relationship and we are confident that Senator Murphy is the right person for the position.”
Senator Murphy was one of the harshest critics of the State Parole Board’s decision to allow cop killer Herman Bell out on a parole.  In response Senator Murphy introduced and passed legislation (S.7976) that would mandate life imprisonment without parole for murdering a first responder.  Additionally, Senator Murphy delivered the Hudson Valley’s first state recognized Center of Excellence which is focused on Disaster Preparedness, Biological & Chemical Threats.  The Center is now partnering with local law enforcement and first responders to provide disaster training.
The Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters now joins a strong and diverse team of organizations supporting the two-term Senator.  Last week Teamsters Local 456 announced their endorsement.