ALBANY, NY – Senator Terrence Murphy believes that every child deserves a quality education that can help them realize their potential. In fulfilling his promise to support public education, Senator Murphy has delivered a record-level of funding for schools in the 40th Senate District.

Westchester County will receive $207,199,960, an increase of $15,070,122. Putnam County will receive $77,020,542, an increase of $4,091,274, and Dutchess County will get $65,611,247, an increase of $5,396,036.

“Nearly every school district within the Fortieth Senate District will receive a record high amount of aid,” Senator Murphy said. “I set out to eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) and it has now gone the way of the Edsel. It was a failure is now best forgotten. The money recouped from the extinction of the GEA is going back into our classrooms where it belongs. My next goal was to increase school funding for the coming year and I accomplished what I set out to do. Our children are our future. They deserve every opportunity we can give them to succeed.” Read more

LEWISBORO, NY – Senator Terrence Murphy continued to prove his commitment to the Hudson Valley’s veterans by passing legislation in recognition of a fallen American hero.  In recognition of the bravery displayed by a Marine under fire, Senator Murphy has sponsored a bill designating a portion of highway in Lewisboro as the Marine Lance Corporal James J. Jackowski Highway.

“Dedicating this section of a state highway will ensure that Marine Lance Corporal Jackowski’s name will be honored and remembered for all time,” Senator Murphy explained. “This highway will be there a hundred years from now. His name will always be there and outlive all of us. Generations to come will remember that he was a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of his country.” Read more

ALBANY, NY – Ten days ago Senator Terrence Murphy courageously stood up to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as allegations relating to illegal donations from his failed attempts to buy the New York State Senate in 2014 came to a head.  This morning, New Yorkers woke up to a sixth separate investigation into Team de Blasio’s fundraising apparatus, with reports that during his 2013 Mayoral bid, people were listed as contributors while apparently having no knowledge making any such contributions.[1]

Under Senate bill 7381, a law being fast tracked in the New York State Senate, these latest allegations along with others would be considered criminal money laundering.

Spanning from Suffolk County, through the five boroughs, and following the thruway to Erie County, New Yorkers have grown incredibly suspect of Mayor de Blasio and the Senate Democrats as the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and Putnam County’s District Attorney’s Office probe into these questionably legal actions. Read more

ALBANY, NY – In light of the near-disaster at the Green Street crossing in Bedford, and with the memory of the tragic 2015 Metro-North train accident in Valhalla still fresh in our memories, Senator Terrence Murphy is sponsoring a bill requiring the joint inspection of traffic signals at interconnected grade crossings.

“We put our trust in Metro-North and the Department of Transportation on a daily basis to protect commuters and drivers crossing the railways,” said Senator Murphy. “Currently, Metro-North and the DOT are working independently to try and keep our railroad grade crossings safe, but one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. A coordinated program of inspections will significantly improve safety at our railway crossings.”

Even before the Metro-North commuter train crash in Valhalla that claimed the lives of six people, Senator Murphy was a proponent for increased railway safety. Following the accident, Senator Murphy lead a coalition calling for expedited grade crossing assessments and co-authored, S5238, a bill calling for the installation of cameras at railway crossings that would monitor crossing violations. Read more

ALBANY, NY – Senator Terrence Murphy is building on the promise he made to veterans to make their welfare one of his top priorities. A bill passed by the Senate yesterday, Senate Bill S6577, was sponsored by Murphy and allows tax payers to elect to make a contribution to the state’s veterans’ homes through their personal tax returns.

“Our country has been privileged to have the most courageous men and women in the world serve in our armed forces,” Senator Murphy said. “They risked their lives to protect our freedom. These dedicated veterans deserve the utmost care, which many receive through the statewide veterans’ home system. However, with health care costs on the rise, something more needed to be done. Establishing an additional funding mechanism for state run veterans’ homes is the least we can do for those brave men and women that put their lives on the line.” Read more

ALBANY, NY – State Senator Terrence Murphy and Mayor Bill de Blasio met face to face for the first time today. Senator Murphy questioned the New York City Mayor during a hearing of the Senate Education Committee on an extension of Mayoral Control for New York City. The system was implemented by the state legislature in 2002 following years of corruption investigations involving pay-to-play, self-dealing, rewarding politically connected contractors at the New York City Board of Education and School Construction Authority.

“The result of all this corruption was that it was our children who suffered” Murphy said, “I asked the Mayor convince me why I should vote to extend the trust of Mayoral control in his administration. There’s one thing that the Mayor forgot to say and that’s the trust factor. You have to have the trust of the people.”

An ongoing criminal inquiry by the United States Attorney for the Southern District is examining the Mayor’s fundraising apparatus, including several non-profits he set up to advocate for causes including Universal pre-kindergarten. These charities accepted six figure contributions from unions and businesses who were otherwise prohibited from giving more than $400 to the Mayor directly. Read more

GRANITE SPRINGS, NY – State Senator Terrence Murphy today announced the award of a $1.84 million dollar grant to preserve Stuart’s Fruit Farm in Somers from future development and maintain the land’s use for agricultural purposes. This unprecedented commitment comes from the state’s first-ever regionally targeted farmland conservation grant program, the Hudson Valley Agricultural Enhancement Program. which Murphy helped create last year.

“From the days of my childhood, I can remember visits to Stuart’s farm with my four siblings,” Senator Murphy said “It has been a part of our community for generations. This has been a decade in the making and I am proud to partner with the Westchester Land Trust and the Town of Somers to finally deliver this farmland protection grant. The preservation of Stuart’s Farm was of the highest priority and we now have ensured it will remain as one of the most important agricultural, environmental and economic resources in the lower Hudson Valley.” Read more

MAHOPAC, NY – Humbled, but by no means defeated, four former servicemen were recognized by Senator Terrence Murphy for their service to their country at a ceremony held at the Mahopac Library on Monday, May 2nd.

The ceremony marked the unveiling of a Moving Veterans’ Wall sponsored by Senator Murphy and the New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame. The wall honors the wartime and civilian accomplishments of veterans from all conflicts of war. It will be on display at the Mahopac Library from May 2nd through the 13th.

“These men offered their lives to a cause greater than themselves. Their bravery helped make America great and should never be forgotten,” Senator Murphy said. “When these men came home, they served their communities with distinction, as firefighters, legislators and business leaders, while continuing to reach out to help their fellow veterans.” Read more

CARMEL, NY – Senators Terrence Murphy and Jeff Klein, with community leaders, unveiled “The Great American Bank Robbery: 40th State Senate District and Putnam & Dutchess Counties,” detailing over $6 million in property value depreciation resulting from poorly maintained bank-owned homes and zombie properties.

Standing in front of a deteriorating home, Senators Klein and Murphy called for new legislation to monitor bank-owned homes, require banks to maintain zombie properties, expedite the foreclosure process, give communities more powers to repair and maintain zombie properties, and create a community reinvestment fund to rid communities of blight.

“Residents of the 40th Senate District live within some of the most expensive areas in the nation and yet are under attack by neighboring zombie properties,” Senator Murphy said. “These zombie homes not only prove to be an eyesore in our communities but pose real dangers to our neighbors and children. It is not unreasonable to hold big banks accountable to properly care for and maintain the properties under their ownership in the Hudson Valley. I thank Senator Klein for his leadership on this issue and look forward to our continued bipartisan partnership to protect our local neighborhoods from the modern day zombie attacks.” Read more

MOHEGAN LAKE, NY – A pet store owner in Mohegan Lake has announced he will be closing his doors for good following a new series of violations stemming from his former Danbury pet store.  As reported by the Danbury News Times, Mr. Richard Doyle, 56 of Mahopac, “maliciously caused wounds” to a St. Bernard puppy according to an arrest warrant and has been charged with animal cruelty and practicing veterinary medicine without a license.  This is Doyle’s third arrest since July of last year.

“Today is a great day for animal lovers, our local community, and most importantly, our pets,” State Senator Terrence Murphy said.  “New York needs to set a strong example that animal abuse, especially by individuals who are charged with caring for them, cannot and will not be tolerated.”

Murphy has been at the forefront of holding animal abusers accountable by proposing and passing legislation to strengthen penalties for animal abusers as well as calling for immediate inspections by New York’s Department of Agriculture and Markets of any pet dealers charged with these heinous crimes. Read more