YORKTOWN, NY – Oddly enough, two days after the polls closed in what was by far the highest turnout race in Westchester County, the contest in the fourth legislative district is still anyone’s game.

Workers at the Westchester County Board of Elections read memory cards today from the “Plan A” voting machines, which provided a partial snapshot that showed County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz has 6,024 votes that have been counted so far, and his challenger, Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I, C – Yorktown) with 5,753 votes, a total higher than any other candidate, challenger or incumbent, county-wide.

Observers were cautioned however, that although these preliminary results reflect 100% of the machines in the districts, they do not represent 100% of the votes cast in those machines, as a few of the memory cards did not contain the total results of the votes cast. Read more

Yorktown Heights, N.Y. – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs, today was joined by elected leaders from throughout the Hudson Valley including Yorktown Councilman Terrence Murphy, calling for an investigation into the slow response time by NYSEG following last weekend’s Nor’easter. In addition to holding a hearing to examine the root of the problem at NYSEG, Chairman Ball is also introducing legislation that would prohibit a foreign-owned company from operating utility services in New York State.

“This is not a third-world country,” said Chairman Ball. “These companies need to begin to more immediately respond to abandoned customers, struggling for basic answers and information. It is unacceptable for our utility companies to be owned by foreign companies. This begs for an independent hearing and investigation into slow response times and vulnerability of our infrastructure,” added Ball.

Senator Ball has introduced a bill S5304A which prohibits a foreign based person, corporation or entity from owning an electric corporation. Senator Ball will also be holding a hearing in Albany regarding the storm response. Read more

YORKTOWN, NY – County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz and his campaign have engaged in unfair campaign practices and released false statements in an attempt to deliberately mislead voters, a nonpartisan fairness panel ruled today.

The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee, in an emergency meeting held Sunday at the Scarsdale library, found that a last-minute campaign mailing by Kaplowitz, and statements he posted online to Patch media, contained outright falsehoods about his opponent, Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I, C – Yorktown).

“The self-proclaimed ‘smartest man in the room,’ Tax Hike Mike Kaplowitz, thought he was smart enough to deliberately mislead voters,” Dr. Murphy said. “I know the residents of New Castle, Somers and Yorktown were smart enough to see past his lies, though, and now the Fair Campaign Practices Committee has agreed these desperate obfuscations by my opponent are baseless, and unfair.” Read more

YORKTOWN, NY – As the lights begin to come back on following Saturday’s Nor’easter that left Westchester crippled, Dr. Terrence Murphy, a councilman in Yorktown, joined State Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) today in announcing a new public utilities plan, and an investigation into the slow response times demonstrated by the utilities.

Murphy, who is a candidate for Westchester County Board of Legislators, said it was time for the County to look inward. Voters should ask themselves if they are really receiving the best advocacy from the County with the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), he said. “After fourteen years of control by Mike Kaplowitz, he continues to look outside to blame everyone but himself for the failed results in reigning in our public utilities,” Murphy said.

He noted that in response to his event with Senator Ball, his opponent, County Legislator Kaplowitz hastily threw together a “blame game press conference” in Somers today. Kaplowitz, who presented no ideas on how to improve the situation, said only that the New York State Public Service Commission “should be holding utilities more accountable for lengthy delays in restoring power after disruptions from severe weather.” Read more

A devastating state audit of spending practices, internal controls and procedures in the town of Yorktown has some county legislative candidates calling for State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to conduct a similar audit of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL).

Standing in front of Yorktown’s Town Hall, which was the center of the recent audit investigation, Yorktown Councilman Dr. Terrence Murphy (R-4th District) and other county legislator candidates from across Westchester including Peter Michaelis (R-2nd District), and David Gelfarb (R-6th District) formally requested the audit today, citing the lax accountability by the Board of Legislators over the past few years.

The candidates expressed their concern over the failure of the BOL to publicly disclose information, as is done in other counties and state government, relative to member and staff travel, perks, and expenses. Citing a July 31st article by the Journal News, “Westchester lawmakers get rare perk of free meals, spend $20G on travel,” the candidates noted that press Freedom of Information Law requests found that in 2010, the BOL billed taxpayers for more than $12,600 for catered meals, $20,156 for travel, and $12,089 on BlackBerries, more than double the previous year. Read more

Ever since D’Agostino closed its doors in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, Chappaqua has been without a local grocery store. While its imminent closure was rumored for months, little action was taken by County and New Castle officials, to the chagrin of hundreds of “Save our Grocery Store” petition signers in the hamlet.

Today, Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I, C – Yorktown) joined Team New Castle Supervisor candidate Bob Kirkwood to announce their ‘Operation Groceries’ initiative, a seven point, competitive plan to solicit letters of intent for a new grocery store in Chappaqua. “Going back to the days of Gristedes, or even further to Grand Union, Chappaqua has always had a supermarket, and we as public servants must take action to ensure it always will,” Murphy said.

In speaking with the D’Agostino family, the group learned that Chappaqua had lost a bid for a DeCicco’s, after the family-owned, upscale grocer decided on a location in Cross River when expeditious approvals were secured by County and local officials. Read more

Dr. Terrence Murphy, President of Keeping Westchester Safe, today joined State officials for a press conference where they demanded that legislation be introduced and passed for the protection of our children by the Westchester County Legislature.

“My wife and I founded the Keeping Westchester Safe for my children,” said Dr. Murphy, who is also a town councilman in Yorktown. “Their safety and well being are my highest priorities. Our watchdog group looks to promote Child Safety Zone Laws which prevent registered sexual predators from living or working within 1,000 feet of any school, church, synagogue, or any other designated zone.”

Joined at Yorktown Town Hall, by State Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson), Assemblyman Steve Katz (R, I – Yorktown), Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli (R, C – Goldens Bridge), Yorktown Councilman Nicholas Bianco and Yorktown Supervisor candidate Michael Grace, Dr. Murphy expressed concern over the continued inaction by the Board of Legislators on this issue. Read more

GRANITE SPRINGS, NY – When County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz (D, WF – Katonah) was elected in 1997, he promised that approximately 1,000 homeowners without sewers would be able hookup to Yorktown’s Hallocks Mill Sewage Treatment facility, or, opt-out of paying taxes to the sewer district.

Fourteen years later, these homeowners are still waiting, even though Legislators in neighboring communities were able to opt-out their communities years ago.

Kaplowitz is now seeking to shift blame to local officials for his failures on the issue, and his opponent, Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I, C – Yorktown), says Kaplowitz’s new rhetoric on sewers is ironically, “desperate, gutter politics.” Read more

YORKTOWN, NY – A cadre of women ranging from young professionals to homemakers styling themselves as “Moms for Murphy” marched on main street today, heading to DeVito Park in Yorktown to marshal support for Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I, C – Yorktown), a candidate for Westchester County Legislator.

The moms of many colors and political persuasions said they have one thing in common: they are concerned about the future direction of Westchester County. Specifically, the profligate tax and spend policies by the Westchester County Board of Legislators including, seven-term incumbent Mike Kaplowitz.

“Mike’s solution to the County’s out-of-control spending was not to find savings, but rather to borrow and raise taxes,” said Robin Glantz-Murphy of Chappaqua, co-chair of Moms for Murphy. Read more

YORKTOWN, NY – Across the street from the future site of Lowe’s of Yorktown, Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, C, I – Yorktown) today highlighted today than $150 million worth of economic development projects which have been approved in Yorktown during his two years on the town board.

The projects, ranging from Costco and Lowe’s, to a senior housing complex, to a state-of-the-art sports dome, will bring about more than 500 permanent jobs to the town, Murphy says. “The bottom line is we are putting people to work and moving our economy,” he said.

Part of the agreement for Costco and Stateland Corporation, where Lowe’s will be located, is private funding for the expansion of Route 202. As it stands, both projects will expand their portions of the road separately, eventually connecting the two individual sectors. Read more