He doesn’t just talk about putting his neighbors to work. He is doing it.

Dr. Terrence Murphy is in the business of taking care of people. As the owner of the Yorktown Health Wellness Center, he takes care of his community both personally and professionally and understands the struggles associated with running a business.

Since taking office we have seen over three dozen new businesses open and approval of multi-million dollar development projects including public-private partnerships which address our infrastructure and flood mitigation needs. His private sector approach to the economic problems government faces are a true asset and will help restore fiscal sanity to Albany.

Protecting our environment is a nonpartisan issue.

Dr. Murphy believes clean energy projects are the common sense answers to New York’s energy drought. A vocal opponent of the federal government’s capacity zones, which could raise utility rates in the Hudson Valley by 20%, Dr. Murphy sees this as the opportunity to promote and incorporate green energy projects to stabilize our power grid.

He is was the leading voice for green jobs on the Yorktown Town Board and helped secure significant grant money to support one of the largest solar panel projects in the Northeast. He wants to keep our town’s pristine resources and clean water for future generations. Senator Murphy will continue to stand up to overdevelopment and favor smart growth projects.

Raising three young children here Dr. Murphy knows firsthand how important it is to win the Hudson Valley’s War on Heroin.

As a Yorktown Councilman he led the fight to secure funding to revitalize the local narcotics unit which allows for more efficient and effective coordination between local and county law enforcement entities. In addition, Dr. Murphy has recently teamed up with the New York State Senate’s Task Force on Heroin and Opiod Addiction in an effort to supply first responders with narcan, the lifesaving drug used to reverse heroin overdoses.

Recognizing the importance of narcan administration, as a former EMT himself, Dr. Murphy has been trained and certified to use narcan in emergency situations.

Dr. Terrence Murphy is running for re-election in the New York State Senate to provide an opportunity for everyone to succeed.

As a father of three, Dr. Murphy has a vested interest in the direction of the Hudson Valley. During his five years as a Yorktown Councilman Dr. Murphy cut taxes, preserved services and open space and efficiently managed the town for today while preparing it for tomorrow.

Dr. Murphy paved the way for more than $250 million worth of economic development which continues to generate hundreds of jobs as well as affordable housing that our seniors and middle class families can afford to call home.