Hawthorne, NY – Walk into Berger Hardware and you will be greeted with a smile and a “How you doin’?” from owners Chris Rubeo and Aimee Nichols. Berger Hardware is not only the place where everyone knows your name; they are also tuned-in to their customer’s individual likes and needs.

In recognition of Berger Hardware’s economic impact as a staple in the community, Senator Terrence Murphy recently presented Rubeo and Nichols with the New York State Senate Empire Business Award for July 2018.

“It’s awesome to see a family-owned, flourishing hardware store. It’s obvious from the number of people in the store that large home-improvement chains can’t compare with the customer experience at Berger Hardware,” said Senator Murphy.

Chris Rubeo said, “It is an honor to receive this award. My sister and I feel lucky to be able to run a store that people think so highly of. Having been raised in this town, my sister and I feel we have a responsibility to better the lives of our customers, who also happen to be our friends and neighbors. We want to uphold the original name and tradition that Berger Hardware is known for.”


“There is a certain culture here that people want to be a part of,” Aimee noted. “The best part of the job is being able to serve the community we live in and serve.”

Berger’s motto is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it!” As a small business owned and operated by family, Berger Hardware is committed to serving the community by providing neighborly customer service that makes patrons feel at home, along with a wide selection of high-quality products at affordable prices.

Originally established by the Berger family in 1937, the Hawthorne landmark was purchased by the Rubeo family in 2004. Chris and Aimee’s parents, retired partners Mark and Sue Rubeo, and Aimee’s husband, T.J., are often in the store, further enhancing Berger’s personalized business approach.

The Hawthorne store employs 35 employees, including 25 full-timers. Berger Hardware has a second location in Port Chester that opened in 2013. Between the two stores, Berger Hardware has over 50 knowledgeable extended family members.

Berger Hardware’s exceptional customer service has not gone unnoticed by others. In its annual “Best of Westchester” poll, Westchester Magazine recognized Berger Hardware as Best Appliances Store in 2009 and Best Hardware Store in 2012.

JEFFERSON VALLEY, NY – This week’s release of the 2018 July Periodic campaign finance filings by the New York State Board of Elections show incumbent Senator Terrence Murphy earned a nearly six-to-one cash advantage over his next opponents, outraising them both combined. The filings also demonstrate that Democratic candidate Robert Kesten has hitched himself to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign team, who were previously under federal investigation, while Democratic candidate Peter Harckham fell short of expectations despite a $7000 contribution from Governor Cuomo.

Martha Ruiz Jiménez, the spokesperson for Senator Terrence Murphy’s campaign said, “Senator Murphy raised almost $273,000, finishing with $418,946 in the bank. That is the most of any member of his Senate class and we are humbled by the strong showing of support and generosity from a wide variety of friends, local businesses, unions and other organizations from across the aisle.”

Harckham filed with an unexciting $41,159.67 in the bank. Kesten filed with $68,988.83, with a high-burn rate that included $3,000 in payments to BerlinRosen, a firm at the center of the criminal investigation into Mayor de Blasio’s campaign finance operation, first exposed by Murphy in 2014.

BerlinRosen was among the firms subpoenaed by federal prosecutors as part of the FBI investigation into how campaign funds were used in 2014 New York State Senate races.[1] De Blasio later lost a court battle over withholding his correspondence with BerlinRosen from the media under the “agents of the city” loophole, which Senator Murphy subsequently authored and passed legislation to close.[2]

“Senator Murphy has said it time and time again, the Hudson Valley is not for sale,” Ruiz Jiménez said. “Mister Kesten’s poor choice of campaign teams indicates that he is onboard with bringing back the Bill de Blasio pay-to-play corruption machine to Westchester and the Husdon Valley.”

BerlinRosen’s “intimate ties to the de Blasio Administration has earned it a certain guilt by association; it has been tarred by the brush of the mayor’s numerous controversies,” according to Capital Research Center, a non-profit which deems itself America’s investigative think tank.[3] E-mails have shown BerlinRosen uses its connection in City Hall to push the interests of its clients who have business before the City, who in turn have donated to both of the Mayor’s non-profits which are also run by BerlinRosen, as well as Democratic County Committees eligible to accept donations far in excess of the local limit, who then funnel the dirty money to candidates who retain BerlinRosen’s services.[4]

Board of Elections independent enforcement counsel Risa Sugarman, who had subpoenaed BerlinRosen, called the Mayor’s actions “willful and flagrant” violations of the election law, and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance criticized de Blasio and his team for their actions, which “appear contrary to the intent and spirit of the laws.”[5]

“Senator Murphy’s campaign is about restoring the trust in public service and in Albany. The last thing New Yorkers need is for Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to control all branches of our state government. The two already can’t control themselves as it is and giving them full reign would be a first class disaster,” Ruiz Jiménez concluded.

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TARRYTOWN, NY – The campaign of Senate candidate Peter Harckham is still reeling a week after the Journal News exposed how as a top staffer at the ‘New NY Bridge Project’, Harckham openly mocked the fact that he had no knowledge of when the much delayed opening of the over-budget bridge would occur. The email was released following a lawsuit filed by the Journal News to force the Thruway Authority to turn over documents related to the bridge’s opening.[1] Now Harckham’s political opponents are calling for a full accounting of his role as aide to the Governor.

Martha Ruiz Jiménez, the spokesperson for Senator Terrence Murphy’s campaign said, “The last time anyone had heard from Peter Harckham was when his name appeared on the list of potential witnesses in the Joe Percoco corruption trial, until he was suddenly plucked from obscurity as the Governor’s hand-picked Senate candidate in this race. Taxpayers deserve to know exactly when and for how long Peter Harckham was on the government dole, and what, if any work he actually did. As his cynical e-mail showed, this is no laughing matter.”

Percoco was convicted on several felony counts of corruption earlier this year.[2]

The Harckham e-mail was found amongst a trove of correspondence relating to lane closures, which the Governor’s administration had stonewalled releasing under the Freedom of Information Law. When queried as to the bridge’s opening date by the office of Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski of Rockland County in one e-mail, Harckham wrote “we still do not know when the shift (will) occur.”[3]

“Once we know, lol, we hope to be able to give you detailed information to answer constituent questions,” Harckham added, using a colloquialism for “laughing out loud” to describe his own lack of knowledge about a project where he served as a Director.[4] The bridge opened less than two weeks later, eight months late and almost $1 billion over budget, according to a report issued by Politico.[5]

Ruiz Jiménez noted that federal prosecutors in the Percoco trial had asked prospective jurors whether they had any knowledge of Peter Harckham, who resigned from his seat on the Westchester County Board of Legislators in 2015, in the middle of his term, to become an aide in the executive chamber at the Office of Homes & Community Renewal.[6] Harckham served as a Cuomo ally during his 2014 re-election bid, which Percoco managed.[7]

Sometime later, Harckham was appointed as the so-called “Director of Intergovernmental Affairs” for the new Tappan Zee Bridge project. There was no announcement of, or public justification for Harckham’s reassignment.

“Peter Harckham knew his fellow South Salem resident Joe Percoco, the Governor’s closest confidant, well enough to have his name appear on the cast of characters for Percoco’s corruption trial,” Ruiz Jiménez said. “In addition, Percoco, who should not have been working in a government office while running a campaign, illegally used a taxpayer-funded phone line to make 837 calls related to the campaign to fundraisers, election consultants and campaign staff.”

Harckham’s connection to Percoco is sure to become an issue in the upcoming election. “Harckham’s campaign work seems to have paid off with a series of low-show political positions culminating with the bridge fiasco,” she said.

Local activists are already incensed at the Governor’s meddling in the race. Harckham’s opponent, Robert Kesten, told Westchester Rising that Governor “Cuomo has inserted his ‘owned’ man into the Senate race to primary.”[8] The New York Post observed that “no one has pinned anything on Cuomo directly yet, though an investigation is still underway. But even if the best he can say is he was ignorant of the sleaze going on right under his nose, it’s still pretty damning.”[9]

Additional Freedom of Information requests to obtain all of Harckham’s phone, e-mail and payroll records during his service with the New NY Bridge Project are forthcoming. Ruiz Jiménez concluded by asking, “How was Mr. Harckham hired? Was the position advertised? Was there a civil service test? Did Joe Percoco have anything to do with it? And did Mr. Harckham’s position with the administration end before, or after the Governor recruited him into the Senate race? Taxpayers deserve answers from the man who was laughing out loud at the $900 million overbudget bridge that opened eight months after it was supposed to.”

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Glens Falls, NY – With a proud history that dates back over a hundred years, The New York State Pipe Trades has come to represent 30,000 unionized plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters and sprinkler fitters throughout the state.

Citing Terrence Murphy’s sterling record as an advocate for union workers, the New York State Pipe Trades is proud to endorse him for the New York State Senate in the 40th District.

“I am humbled to receive this endorsement and stand with the members of the New York State Pipe Trades, whose history reflects what America is all about – a chance for everyone to succeed, respect for your community, and love for your family,” said Senator Murphy. “I look forward to building upon our successful relationship as we work together to continue to provide access to good-paying jobs, health care benefits and workplace protections.”

The endorsement was announced by John J. Murphy, the union’s International Representative for New York State. “I am proud to announce our endorsement of Terrence Murphy for Senate today. As a labor leader I have worked with Senator Murphy on issues to improve the lives of my members and our communities. His values align with everything that union households stand for; good jobs that provide benefits, training and a pension to protect our families now and in their retirement years. We know we can count on him to help working families.”

“As the President of the New York State Pipe Trades I am proud of our endorsement of Terrence Murphy,” stated Greg Lancette, the union’s statewide President. “He has listened to our concerns and has been a strong advocate for us in Albany. Senator Murphy has been a strong supporter of a balanced approach to energy, infrastructure and clean water.”

The parent Union of Local # 773 in New York, the history of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada can be traced back to before the Civil War, when plumbers and pipefitters were organized in many major cities throughout the United States. The first strong, long-lasting local Unions were established in the boom construction decade between 1879-1889, when United States population growth accelerated.

In the first half of the 20th century, the United Association moved to formalize apprenticeship training programs, including making a five-year apprenticeship mandatory in 1921, and in 1938 holding that all apprentices be members of the United Association and attend related training classes. Its National Plumbing Apprenticeship Plan of 1936 was the first set of standards governing apprenticeship to win approval of the federal government.

Throughout World War II and after, the United Association made considerable gains in membership and prestige. The organization changed its name to The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada in 1946. Between 1940 and 1954 membership surged from 60,000 to 240,000 with veterans entering the skilled craftsmen field.

The New Frontier of President John F. Kennedy and Great Society of President Lyndon Johnson were movements supported by the United Association. With expanded training programs beginning in 1956, the UA was able to meet the demands of accelerated construction activity in the 1960s. With the increased work the slogan, “There is no substitute for UA skilled craftsmen” became widespread throughout the industry. By 1971 the UA was 320,000 strong.

This marks the fourth major endorsement of Murphy’s reelection campaign. UWUA Local 1-2 now join the Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters and Teamsters Local 456 have already announced their support of Senator Murphy.

Purchase of Weed Harvester Will Help Curtail Lake’s Algal Growth

Yorktown, NY – Mohegan Lake has long been considered one of the most polluted bodies of water in New York State. One of the main culprits is the proliferation of harmful algal blooms (HAB)’s that have rapidly spread throughout the lake.

HABs, occur when colonies of algae grow out of control, producing toxins that could have detrimental and even fatal effects on people, fish, shellfish, and birds. A Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) Report commissioned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in 2016 concluded that Lake Mohegan was impaired and highly susceptible to HABs and invasive species.

Senator Terrence Murphy has been working with Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, concerned residents and community groups to stem the rising tide of HABs, particularly in Mohegan Lake. To help remedy the problem, Senator Murphy procured an $80,000 grant so Yorktown could purchase a weed harvester.

Murphys 80k grant harvests brighter future for Mohegan Lake2

“At certain points during the summer the algae in Lake Mohegan gets so thick you can practically walk across it,” commented Senator Murphy. “We owe it to our residents and visitors who come here to enjoy the lake to keep it clean. The weed harvester will be an effective tool in managing the submerged, emergent, and free-floating vegetation threatening the lake.”

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne stated, “Senator Murphy has made it a priority to clean up our local water bodies and rid them of harmful algal blooms. It’s been an honor to work with him to protect and restore our natural resources.”

“The weed harvester is designed to remove excessive aquatic plant growth from the lake. In Lake Mohegan, which is very high in nutrients, an overgrowth of aquatic plants clog recreational areas such as beaches or boat launch areas,” said Ken Belfer, President of the Mohegan Lake Improvement District. “The new weed harvester will help us keep these areas clear, as well as help us remove certain invasive plant species from the lake. One of these, curly leaf pond weed, dies off in the early summer, sinks to the bottom and decays, and thus provides nutrients in mid-summer to help feed algae blooms. By harvesting as much of this as possible before it dies, and removing it from the ecosystem, we are able to remove some of the nutrients that contribute to algae blooms. Our original weed harvester was purchased in 1984, and reached the end of its useful life two years ago. We are extremely grateful to Senator Murphy for obtaining the $80,000 NYS grant that allowed us to purchase a new weed harvester for Lake Mohegan.”

A weed harvester is a heavy-duty workboat designed to be highly efficient in the management of submerged, emergent and free-floating aquatic vegetation. Its performance is akin to an underwater lawn mower. The weed harvester has underwater cutting blades that sever the stems of underwater plants and store the vegetation on board in a hold. The action of removing aquatic plant life in such a manner has been referred to as “aquatic harvesting.”

The harvested weeds can be composted, sent to a landfill site or used in land reclamation. Other uses for the harvested vegetation include livestock fodder, adding it to the soil as a bulky organic fertilizer, manufacturing the raw material into pulp, paper or fiber, and fermenting it to produce methane for energy production.

Sleepy Hollow, NY – The Village of Sleepy Hollow first gained its reputation as one of the Hudson Valley’s most popular tourist haunts through a short story written about the Headless Horseman, a wraith who scourers the countryside terrorizing villagers. Today, Sleepy Hollow is equally renowned for notable landmarks such as the Philipsburg Manor House as well as the natural beauty of its many parks and walkways that overlook the Hudson River.

An avid outdoorsman, Senator Terrence Murphy has traveled the village’s walkways and has come to appreciate Sleepy Hollow’s quiet allure. Seeking to improve one of the village’s pedestrian routes, Senator Murphy has provided a $50,000 grant for the construction of a concrete walkway along Riverside Drive.

“This walkway will provide a scenic link between two of Sleepy Hollow’s larger residential neighborhoods and serve as a convenient route for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Senator Murphy. “Riverside Drive has a fantastic view of the Hudson River. In addition to being able to handle heavy foot traffic, the new walkway will add beauty and charm to an already breathtaking part of the village.”

Murphys 50k grant paves the way for new walkway in Sleepy Hollow2

Sleepy Hollow Mayor Kenneth Wray stated, “This walkway will make the daily experience so much nicer for everyone from commuters to dog walkers to families with strollers. It looks great now, but I can’t wait for this time next year when the new plantings have matured. This is just going to get better and better with time.”

The new walkway will be 5 feet wide and 1,766 in length and will run from the western side of Riverside Drive near the Metro-North Philipse Manor railway station to Freemont Pond, covering a heavily used route used by residents commuting into New York City. This is also the primary route to the Philipse Manor Beach Club, whose members, particularly children often walk. Currently, there is no sidewalk in that area, just an uneven grassy strip. Pedestrians have found the grassy path to be unsafe because drivers rushing to catch their trains tend to hug the road.

Sleepy Hollow adopted a Complete Streets Policy in 2016, which recognizes the importance of creating streets that are safe to be traveled by all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers of various types of vehicles, and riders or public transportation.

Measure Creates Statewide Pharmaceutical Take-Back Program; Builds on Senator Terrence Murphy’s Successful ‘Shed the Meds’ Program

Albany, NY – Everyone knows someone who has been affected by the opioid epidemic, whether it’s a friend, co-worker, or that friendly stranger you pass on the street who always says hello. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdoses killed 63,632 Americans in 2016. Nearly two-thirds of these deaths, roughly 66%, involved a prescription or illicit opioid.

In response, New York’s legislature passed the “Drug Take Back Act” which has now been signed into law. The measure establishes a unified statewide drug take-back program that will reduce medication misuse, and save government and taxpayer money. Senator Terrence Murphy, who voted for its passage, steadfastly supported the bill, S9100, authored by Senators Kemp Hannon and Tom O’Mara. The measure will also protect the state’s water supplies by preventing drugs from being improperly disposed of by flushing or other means that result in contamination of water bodies and negatively impact aquatic life.

“Unwanted medicines left in the home endangers our children, seniors, and pets. Flushing drugs sends them directly into our waters, harming the environment. Drugs thrown in the garbage then become available for dealers to sell and further infect our communities,” said Senator Murphy. “My program, ‘Shed the Meds,” has been a valuable tool in the war against opioid addiction and has taken a large portion of drugs out of circulation. This legislation will provide for unified, statewide drug take back, financed by manufacturers, and not the public, that will provide convenient methods for drop-off and collection.”

Senator Hannon, Chair of the Senate’s Health Committee, said, “I’m pleased this important measure, which was originally included in the Senate one-house budget this year, has finally been signed into law. This legislation will take drugs out of the medicine cabinets and will prevent drugs from polluting New York’s waters.”

“It’s incredibly important to do anything and everything we can to complement and support the efforts of local law enforcement and other community leaders to combat prescription drug abuse,” stated Senator O’Mara, Chair of the Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee. “These efforts include National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days and other initiatives like this one to facilitate the collection, and safe and responsible disposal of unused medications. This new law will greatly expand the number of permanent, locally based drop-off locations. It will be a very positive, cost-effective addition to the state’s ongoing, overall strategy to protect our communities and local environments.”

The Drug Take Back Act will help give manufacturers of pharmaceutical products responsibility for costs of the take-back program, with focal points being public education and awareness, as well as drug collection, transport, and destruction. Under this new law, chain and mail order pharmacies will be required to provide consumers with collection options, including drop boxes and prepaid mail-back envelopes. The measure will also ensure rural, urban, and other underserved communities have access to ongoing collection services so that all persons have reasonable access to locations to dispose of their drugs and prevent over-saturation in higher populated areas.

The new law is critical to the state’s ongoing efforts to reduce drug abuse because one of the most common ways for opioid addictions to start is when individuals have access to leftover prescriptions, whether it be theirs, a friend’s, a relative’s, or someone else’s. By increasing New Yorkers’ opportunities to properly dispose of unused drugs, the potential for abuse and addiction is decreased. In addition, proper disposal helps protect the state’s water supplies because fewer people would improperly dispose of drugs by flushing them down a toilet or using other means that result in water contamination. Last year, the Senate led the way in securing a historic $2.5 billion investment to improve and protect water resources, and keeping drugs out of water supplies is another important and necessary step.

Senator Murphy has operated a highly successful “Shed the Meds” program since taking office in 2014. The prescription drop-off program, conducted in conjunction with local police departments and drug treatment organizations at various locations throughout the 40th Senate District, takes more than 1,000 pounds of prescription drugs out of circulation each year. “Shed the Meds” and other community-based take-back programs served as the impetus for the Drug Take Back Act legislation.

Sleepy Hollow, NY – What if someone held a party and you weren’t invited? The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) has been hosting public meetings to explore the impact of offshore barriers, land-based floodwalls and the potential of a levee system for the Hudson River. The ACE has already held meetings in New York City and Newark, New Jersey. A third meeting will take place tonight in Poughkeepsie, but those most affected by the decision – residents in Westchester and Rockland – have been left out of the equation.

Senator Terrence Murphy has seen this scenario before when the U.S. Coast Guard tried to rush through their plan to add 10 new anchorages in the Hudson River without seeking any input from residents whose jobs and neighborhoods would be threatened.

Last week, Senator Murphy sent a letter to Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, urging ACE to add an additional meeting in the Village of Sleepy Hollow. At today’s press conference, he reiterated his call for a public hearing in Sleepy Hollow and announced the start of an online petition.

“This is a serious issue that will have a bearing on quality of life, property values, safety and most significantly, our environment,” said Senator Murphy. “There is no doubt that we need to take additional steps to improve our infrastructure and preparations for extreme weather events. However, our region must have a seat at the table for these conversations. I have started an online petition so that people can let the ACE know they want them to come to Sleepy Hollow, so we can ask questions and learn more about the proposal. This is a great opportunity to work together to find viable solutions to address the needs of the communities that will be affected.”

This past weekend John Lipscome, who serves as the Riverkeeper, told News12 that the plan would basically, “…put a plastic bag over the river’s head,” noting that the Hudson River is an estuary for numerous species from the Atlantic Ocean, including many on the endangered list.

One plan calls for a surge barrier at the mouth of the harbor from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to Breezy Point in Queens. An alternative plan calls for multiple shorter barriers from Staten Island to Brooklyn and at various other locations blocking tributaries.

Some estimates have the price tag for the total project at $25 billion and take decades to complete. Concerns have been raised that it could cause worse flooding in certain areas and harm nearby beaches.

Join Senator Murphy’s Petition to Hold a Meeting with the ACE in Sleepy Hollow

Literacy Program Will Keep Kids Reading Skills Sharp in the Hot Months Ahead

Yorktown, NY – For kids, summertime means swimming, baseball and plenty of other fun-filled activities. On the other hand, parents concerned the educational gains made by their children during the school year may go by the wayside, look for ways to keep their kids further engaged in learning. Senator Terrence Murphy and the New York State Senate have partnered with the New York State Library to sponsor the 2018 Summer Reading Program.

“This is a fun way to keep kid’s minds active during the summer months and helps prevent ‘the summer slide,’ the loss of knowledge and skills that occurs during summer vacation,” said Senator Murphy.

Parents and guardians from across New York State are invited to enter their children’s summer reading activity, including three books read by their child this summer. At the end of the program, participants will receive formal recognition from Senator Murphy for their reading achievement.

Studies conducted by Scholastic (including Kids and Family Report) note that despite conventional wisdom, six in 10 children ages 6-17 agree, “I really enjoy reading books over the summer” (62%), with the main reasons being, “I just enjoy reading” and “It’s a fun way to pass the time.” While parents are more likely to see the value of summer reading, majorities of both kids (80%) and parents (96%) agree that summer reading will help the child during the school year. Parents say that summer reading is important because it keeps their child’s mind active and reading requires practice.

The deadline for submissions is September 5, 2018. More resources and facts about summer reading can be found at:

New York’s Libraries: http://www.summerreadingnys.org
Scholastic’s Kids and Families Reading Report: www.scholastic.com

For more information about the Summer Reading Program, contact Senator Murphy’s office at 914-962-2624.

Yorktown, NY – For the past 18 months, passing through the intersection of Route 118 and Route 129 in Yorktown made drivers feel as if they were playing bumper cars. However, Senator Terrence Murphy and the residents of Yorktown didn’t find any humor in the situation. Senator Murphy, the New York Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and the Town of Yorktown worked together to have a three-color traffic light installed at the intersection.

“A number of residents called my office saying the intersection was a safety hazard and that drivers were making dangerous turns or speeding through the intersection,” said Senator Murphy. “I want to thank the D.O.T. for coming out, assessing the situation, and installing a new traffic light. Hopefully, there will be fewer accidents here in the future.”

Yorktown Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli stated, “This would not have happened if it wasn’t for Senator Murphy. He’s a hometown hero in Yorktown. Getting this traffic light back is a matter of public safety. Now we have an intersection that is less hazardous. Everyone benefits from having a light here.”

A full traffic light had been at the intersection during the construction of the AMVETS Bridge, but it was replaced by warning signs upon its completion. A flashing yellow light was installed at the intersection, but it too was judged insufficient. Drivers complained about the poor sight lines in both directions at the intersection. The ongoing ironic joke was that anyone attempting to pass through the intersection had to keep their head on a swivel to get through safely.

At Senator Murphy’s request, a signal study was conducted and it was decided that the flashing yellow light should be replaced by a full traffic signal.