Said to bring “Common Sense” to Yorktown ’s government

YORKTOWN , NY —Local businessman Terrence Murphy is said to be entertaining requests from numerous local residents that he consider becoming a candidate for town government.

Murphy, 43, of Jefferson Valley , said today that any campaign would focus on attracting new businesses and job opportunities, broadening the town’s tax base and enhancing the quality of life for residents of Yorktown .

“As I look at the way our town is being run, I’ve noted that at times the board could use a serious dose of common sense” Murphy said today in a statement. “My primary focus each and every day is taking care of people. I understand the concerns of every small business owner because I own two of them my self. As a candidate, I would bring my experience to the table to cut property taxes, make our town government more transparent and accessible, and open up Yorktown to small businesses and economic development through greener energies. It’s common sense.”

MurphySpeakstoCrowdA chiropractor by trade, Dr. Murphy is also the owner of the popular Murphy’s Irish Restaurant establishment in Yorktown Heights . Dr. Murphy volunteers for numerous local organizations and serves as President of Keeping Westchester Safe, where he has been a strong advocate for ‘Child Safety Zone’ legislation to protect our children and keep them safe from deviant sexual predators.

“Well-paying jobs don’t come from politicians giving speeches and making promises, they come from the hard work of small business owners like me,” added Murphy, who is a lifelong resident of Yorktown . “As I begin exploring a possible candidacy, I have been gratified by the support from my fellow community business owners who have urged me to run.”

Murphy said he would host media availabilities for local print and television outlets through out the day on Thursday and Friday.

Published by Chris Arnold

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