Murphy speaks out on Dems YPD elimination proposal

I would like to thank Supervisor Peters for jumping on my common sense bandwagon of consolidating services. This has been a platform I have been preaching about since 2007 because of the positive impact consolidation can bring to local municipalities and county government.

Over a decade ago, Mayor Giuliani was successfully able to navigate a difficult financial crisis in New York City through consolidation of services and tax cuts, but the one function of government that he maintained and increased was public safety and emergency services.

The number one responsibility of government, at all levels, should be keeping the residents of Yorktown safe. Before any proposal is made to the residents of Yorktown, a sound and complete study must be completed to ensure our level of safety does not diminish one bit, and the quality of life of our public safety officers does not decrease. Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis needs to be conducted to determine the impact this particular consolidation will have on both town and county taxes for the residents of Yorktown. Common sense tells us we should explore all options to ease the financial burden on local taxpayers during these tough economic times.

Most importantly, the public needs to be kept informed throughout this entire process. I encourage Supervisor Peters to continue to leave the door to town hall open which would allow the public to watch this proposal evolve and mature.

It’s simple common sense.

Published by Chris Arnold

Westchester Magazine called Christopher R. Arnold "one of New York's top political communication specialists." He manages public affairs for the Council Majority in New York's fourth largest city. For over five years, he served as a top staffer with two State Assembly members, helping each generate millions in earned media placements. He is now a Senior Advisor to the State Senate Majority who has authored over a dozen state and local laws.