Murphy speaks up for silenced children

Across the street from the Van Cortlandville Elementary School in Mohegan Lake stood three men in the form of one: Terrence Murphy the candidate for Yorktown Town Board, Terrence Murphy the President of Keeping Westchester Safe, and Terrence Murphy the father of two young children. Combined, all three make up the loudest voice for the enactment of Child Safety Zone Laws in Westchester County.

Dr. Murphy, accompanied by Assemblyman Greg Ball, County Legislator George Oros, and Westchester County District Attorney Candidate Dan Schor, stood together in an effort to reveal a scary reality. A level 3 registered sex offender moved into Mohegan Lake this past winter. Even worse, the individual resides less than 900 feet from popular Van Cortlandville Elementary School.

“This is simply unacceptable,” Dr. Murphy stated. “As a parent of two young children I would be appalled to know such an individual lives mere feet from where my kids spend several hours a day. This is precisely why this county needs to pass and enact the Child Safety Zone Laws.” Under such law, a registered sexual predator is prohibited from residing or working within 1,000 feet from any school, playground, or area frequently populated by children.

“The Child Safety Zone Law is a common sense piece of legislation which will provide an additional layer of protection between our children and known sexual predators,” Murphy explained. “The reality is only level two and three predators are required to enter a public registry. Level one predators are not required to do so, however, this law will still apply to them.”

Dr. Murphy recently announced his candidacy for Yorktown Councilman. He has been the President of Keeping Westchester Safe since 2006.

Published by Chris Arnold

Westchester Magazine called Christopher R. Arnold "one of New York's top political communication specialists." He manages public affairs for the Council Majority in New York's fourth largest city. For over five years, he served as a top staffer with two State Assembly members, helping each generate millions in earned media placements. He is now a Senior Advisor to the State Senate Majority who has authored over a dozen state and local laws.