Murphy joins Committee to Keep Our Police Local

Common sense dictates that while the town looks at methods of saving taxpayer dollars during these challenging economic times, the town board would be involved in said process.

That is why many of us were shocked to learn that the county government was making an attempt to impede on the daily lives of Yorktown residents, via a proposal that the experts think will end up costing the town even more money then it spends now, while sacrificing local control.

Something must be done to address the ever-increasing costs of government and services in Yorktown, and I am doing it. By joining the Committee to Keep Our Police Department Local, I will ensure that the number one responsibility of government, at all levels, keeping the residents of Yorktown safe, will be married with the number two responsibility of government, keeping our taxes low.

Some would say that in the past decade we have learned the consequences of unilateral action. Common sense would say that in the case of eliminating one of the best police departments in the country, it should be local officials making the call, and not some County Executive in White Plains.

Published by Chris Arnold

Westchester Magazine called Christopher R. Arnold "one of New York's top political communication specialists." He manages public affairs for the Council Majority in New York's fourth largest city. For over five years, he served as a top staffer with two State Assembly members, helping each generate millions in earned media placements. He is now a Senior Advisor to the State Senate Majority who has authored over a dozen state and local laws.