Murphy defends local businesses with State & local officials

Councilman Candidate Warns Fellow Business Owners to Watch Their Wallets

Surrounded by fellow small business owners outside of The Yorktown Health and Wellness Center, Yorktown Councilman Candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I – Jefferson Valley) joined New York State Assemblyman Greg Ball, Yorktown Councilman Nick Bianco, and Westchester County Legislator George Oros to chastise the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s detrimental payroll tax on small businesses.

“This is nothing more than adding insult to injury,” Dr. Murphy, owner of The Yorktown Health and Wellness Center stated. “Small businesses across this town are struggling to keep their doors open as it is. Now we are getting an extra bill to fund an organization’s services which we do not rely on.”

Following the passage of the state budget this past April, state legislators in Albany fought a bitter battle to bailout the bankrupt MTA. A controversial component of the bailout was a payroll tax on all businesses, not for profit organizations, school districts, and municipalities within the twelve county MTA region.

“New York politicians have continued to fund a failed and expensive social experiment, called Albany Inc., on the backs of taxpayers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners,” Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) said. “When is Albany going to learn that excessive taxation kills business and jobs? As government continuously expands and wasteful spending in Albany continues the people actually paying the bills for this failed social experiment are being forced to leave the state. It is long since time to reverse the tax and spend trend of dysfunctional Albany.”

“Before this job killing payroll tax was implemented the residents was Westchester County were already paying over $50 million to the MTA,” Westchester County Legislator George Oros said. “We already pay our fair share to the MTA. This latest mandate by the state will prove to be the straw to break the camel’s back.”

Yorktown Councilman Nick Bianco followed stating, “This tax will prove detrimental to all parties involved. Businesses will not survive and residents are being punished by it. The town of Yorktown has to pay a $70,000 payroll tax bill which increases taxes for an already overtaxed community. It is towards this end that I proposed adding an MTA line item to the local tax bills which will be implemented this April.”

Recently, reports have come out showing a growing shortfall in sale tax revenue throughout the entire Hudson Valley. Westchester’s sales tax revenue is down 9% compared to the state which is experiencing a 9% deficit.

“This past July the town comptroller reported a $600,000 shortfall in revenue for Yorktown,” Murphy said. “Much of that shortfall is due to a lack of sales tax revenue which translates into businesses are hurting. Now, my practice here needs to pay a $600.00 bill which we have not budgeted for during a time when keeping a budget is nearly impossible.”

“I call upon the ruling majority of the town board to improve its business etiquette and aggressively pursue new policies which help support and grow our current businesses,” Murphy concluded. “Innovative policies and bold actions, such as implementing an industrial development agency (IDA), are needed to ensure a greater tax burden is not placed on the residents of our town in this time of need.”

Published by Chris Arnold

Westchester Magazine called Christopher R. Arnold "one of New York's top political communication specialists." He manages public affairs for the Council Majority in New York's fourth largest city. For over five years, he served as a top staffer with two State Assembly members, helping each generate millions in earned media placements. He is now a Senior Advisor to the State Senate Majority who has authored over a dozen state and local laws.