Yorktown Police Benevolence Association boards Murphy express

Councilman Candidate Keeps Momentum Going Towards Election Day

On Thursday evening Yorktown councilman candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I – Jefferson Valley ) received the endorsement of the Yorktown PBA. Murphy, who is the founder and president of Keeping Westchester Safe, attributes this endorsement to his commitment to the protection of Yorktown ’s children.

“Having the Yorktown PBA support my candidacy is very important to me,” Murphy said. “As the president of a children safety advocacy group, I look forward to working with our local police department to continue to successfully protect our children from the dangers within our society.”

At the beginning of the campaign season Supervisor Don Peters proposed consolidating Yorktown ’s local police department with the county and state police force. A committee is still investigating the idea and its effect on the town.

“This is a very important issue our town is facing,” Murphy continued. “However, as I have been knocking on doors for the past five months, people have voiced their concerns to me about losing control of our local police department. I want to represent the voice and will of the people of this town.”

“I would like to thank the Yorktown PBA for its endorsement,” Murphy concluded. “I look forward to working with them to ensure our community remains a safe place to live and raise a family.”

Published by Chris Arnold

Westchester Magazine called Christopher R. Arnold "one of New York's top political communication specialists." He manages public affairs for the Council Majority in New York's fourth largest city. For over five years, he served as a top staffer with two State Assembly members, helping each generate millions in earned media placements. He is now a Senior Advisor to the State Senate Majority who has authored over a dozen state and local laws.