New York, NY – The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 1-2 AFL-CIO, one of the largest unions in the state, has endorsed Senator Terrence Murphy as he seeks a third term to represent the 40th Senate District. The UWUA represents tens of thousands of members working in the electric, gas, water, and nuclear industries in the New York area, including the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

“Growing up in a union home I know my Dad is smiling about today’s endorsement. He served as the business agent for Local 1-2 for more than 20 years and taught me the importance of hard work. Local 1-2 has been a vital presence in our communities, working to keep the power running for our homes, businesses, hospitals and schools,” said Senator Murphy. “They are now facing their biggest challenge – the closing of Indian Point – and together we will find solutions to keep these highly skilled workers on the job. Local 1-2 serves as a sterling example that when a diverse group of people stand together, they will not be defeated.”

James T. Sleven, President of Local 1-2 stated, “Senator Murphy stands strong for the men and women across New York State. As the son of a Local 1-2 Business Agent, Senator Murphy knows full well we value hard work, honesty and sticking together in good times and bad. As a protector and defender of Labor in the Senate, we know you will do your utmost for the men and women of Local 1-2, especially those that work at Indian Point, as well as all New Yorkers to ensure that when Entergy exits New York State it will not leave a legacy of economic destruction.

Senator Murphy has been a strong advocate for utility workers in the legislature. When Entergy announced it would be closing the Indian Point power plant by 2021, residents living near the plant began worrying about their mortgages, their jobs, and whether their local schools could stay open.

Senator Murphy championed legislation to retain the 1,200 employees at the plant and have them be trained to work through the decommission process and become skilled workers in the growing green economy. A bill he sponsored, S8326, enacted the “Nuclear Facility Closing Workers’ Protection Act,” which establishes provisions for the protection of the health, safety and employment rights of persons losing their employment from the closure of nuclear electric plants in Westchester County.

Senator Murphy’s dedication to aiding the communities impacted by the closure of Indian Point have been heralded time and again. In this year’s state budget, Murphy secured $24 million to protect local taxpayers from future financial hardship caused by the plant’s closure.

UWUA Local 1-2 now join the Lake Mohegan Professional Firefighters and Teamsters Local 456 in endorsing Senator Murphy’s reelection efforts.