JEFFERSON VALLEY, NY – Amid news of a potential terrorist ring or serial bomber mailing suspicious packages to elected officials, serious concerns were raised over the installation of a spy camera by State Senate candidate Peter Harckham’s campaign, just days after an individual was arrested for arson after burning lawn signs from the campaign of State Senator Terrence Murphy. Early Monday morning, a trail camera was found secured to a utility pole at the of the district office of Senator Murphy, where earlier, a paid protest group known as the “Missile Dick Chicks” had demonstrated on Harckham’s behalf.

“Thank god for the NYPD, ATF, FBI, Postal Police and others, these bombs targeting former Presidents, members of Congress and the free press are terroristic and unconscionable,” Senator Murphy said. “This is an attack on American institutions, and an attack on one of us is an attack on us all. We can all have our philosophical differences but we must respect each other as neighbors. No public figure, candidate or family should have to be worried about their safety. Whether sending suspicious packages, burning lawn signs, or spying on residents and staff, these types of tactics cannot be tolerated.”

This past weekend, arson charges were filed against Robert Steele, 38, a Peekskill resident who was caught by local police burning Murphy lawn signs along Route 6 in Cortlandt. State police observed a Murphy campaign sign on fire adjacent to a bee line bus stop, which was soon extinguished. A witness identified Steele, who was placed under arrested and processed. He is due in Cortlandt town court on November 1.

A week prior, the Harckham campaign directed a paid protest entourage known as the “Missile Dick Chicks” to Murphy’s government office, where the spy camera was installed. The obscene and radical group has been linked to Soros-funded and Antifa hate groups.

On Wednesday, Yorktown Police notified Senator Murphy’s government office that the Harckham campaign’s lawyer would come to retrieve the camera. After discussions with the landlord, he declined to press charges for unlawful surveillance, criminal tampering and trespassing.

“Their over-zealous volunteer who thought they could capture images of residents and my staff coming and going has learned their lesson and jailing them serves no real purpose,” Senator Murphy said. “These kinds of profane intimidation tactics are what people abhor. Folks, don’t mess with lawn signs, don’t be a dick chick, and don’t install spy cameras at your opponent’s office. Don’t be like Pete Harckham.”