Mt. Kisco, NY – October 31st was a spooktacular day at the Fox Senior Center as its members celebrated Halloween and recognized 50 October birthdays. Senator Terrence Murphy was on hand to congratulate the seniors and joined them in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

“It’s always great to come to the center and see the seniors having such a good time together,” said Senator Murphy. “The center is always full. Liz Dieter and her staff do a great job planning the activities, scheduling informative classes, and throwing parties like this one. If you’re a senior in Mount Kisco, this is the place to be.”

Among the many seniors celebrating their birthdays at the center were Jean Foisey, Nadia Forero, Betty Hunter, Theresa Rega, Dee Roider, and Theresa Sacchetti. One of the celebrants, 94-year-old Luisa Fatibene, thanked everyone in Italian.

“I’ve been coming here for many years,” said Betty Hunter. “My family at the senior center is my life.”

Nadia Forero added, “Dancing has kept me young, and I can dance to my heart’s content at the center. I’m very grateful that the Fox Senior Center is here for all of us to enjoy.”

The seniors were clad for the occasion. A nun, a farmer, good and bad witches, a flapper, Snow White, and Raggedy Ann were among the many creative costumes. The staff joined in the fun as well, dressing up as elves.

Two parties in one Senator Murphy joins Mt  Kisco seniors for Halloween and birthday bash3x

Local elected officials showed that they could dress up as well. Assemblyman David Buchwald made a dapper Phantom of the Opera; Mount Kisco Mayor Gina Picinich went against her congenial image as the evil witch from the movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”; Deputy Mayor and Trustee Jean Farber made a perfect angel, and Trustee Karen Schleimer impressed as a duchess. The Fox Senior Center is the home of the Mount Kisco Senior Recreation Group and the Mount Kisco Senior Nutrition Program.

The Center provides a wide variety of intellectual and recreational opportunities, including wellness and exercise classes, workshops, health screenings, computer classes, cultural arts celebrations, and intergenerational partnerships.