Common sense dictates that while the town looks at methods of saving taxpayer dollars during these challenging economic times, the town board would be involved in said process.

That is why many of us were shocked to learn that the county government was making an attempt to impede on the daily lives of Yorktown residents, via a proposal that the experts think will end up costing the town even more money then it spends now, while sacrificing local control.

Something must be done to address the ever-increasing costs of government and services in Yorktown, and I am doing it. By joining the Committee to Keep Our Police Department Local, I will ensure that the number one responsibility of government, at all levels, keeping the residents of Yorktown safe, will be married with the number two responsibility of government, keeping our taxes low.

Some would say that in the past decade we have learned the consequences of unilateral action. Common sense would say that in the case of eliminating one of the best police departments in the country, it should be local officials making the call, and not some County Executive in White Plains.

Across the street from the Van Cortlandville Elementary School in Mohegan Lake stood three men in the form of one: Terrence Murphy the candidate for Yorktown Town Board, Terrence Murphy the President of Keeping Westchester Safe, and Terrence Murphy the father of two young children. Combined, all three make up the loudest voice for the enactment of Child Safety Zone Laws in Westchester County.

Dr. Murphy, accompanied by Assemblyman Greg Ball, County Legislator George Oros, and Westchester County District Attorney Candidate Dan Schor, stood together in an effort to reveal a scary reality. A level 3 registered sex offender moved into Mohegan Lake this past winter. Even worse, the individual resides less than 900 feet from popular Van Cortlandville Elementary School. Read more

Amid a crowded room of over eighty supporters Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, C, I – Jefferson Valley ) formally reentered the political arena as a candidate for Yorktown Councilman. With his wife Caroline and children McKayla and Jack by his side, the lifelong Yorktown resident and former marathon runner, made it known his campaign is ready to hit the ground running.

“This is going to be a sophisticated grassroots campaign which will address the everyday needs of the residents of this great town,” Dr. Murphy declared.

Citing the current economic climate throughout the country Dr. Murphy offered his own prognosis. Read more

I would like to thank Supervisor Peters for jumping on my common sense bandwagon of consolidating services. This has been a platform I have been preaching about since 2007 because of the positive impact consolidation can bring to local municipalities and county government.

Over a decade ago, Mayor Giuliani was successfully able to navigate a difficult financial crisis in New York City through consolidation of services and tax cuts, but the one function of government that he maintained and increased was public safety and emergency services.

The number one responsibility of government, at all levels, should be keeping the residents of Yorktown safe. Before any proposal is made to the residents of Yorktown, a sound and complete study must be completed to ensure our level of safety does not diminish one bit, and the quality of life of our public safety officers does not decrease. Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis needs to be conducted to determine the impact this particular consolidation will have on both town and county taxes for the residents of Yorktown. Common sense tells us we should explore all options to ease the financial burden on local taxpayers during these tough economic times.

Most importantly, the public needs to be kept informed throughout this entire process. I encourage Supervisor Peters to continue to leave the door to town hall open which would allow the public to watch this proposal evolve and mature.

It’s simple common sense.

Said to bring “Common Sense” to Yorktown ’s government

YORKTOWN , NY —Local businessman Terrence Murphy is said to be entertaining requests from numerous local residents that he consider becoming a candidate for town government.

Murphy, 43, of Jefferson Valley , said today that any campaign would focus on attracting new businesses and job opportunities, broadening the town’s tax base and enhancing the quality of life for residents of Yorktown .

“As I look at the way our town is being run, I’ve noted that at times the board could use a serious dose of common sense” Murphy said today in a statement. “My primary focus each and every day is taking care of people. I understand the concerns of every small business owner because I own two of them my self. As a candidate, I would bring my experience to the table to cut property taxes, make our town government more transparent and accessible, and open up Yorktown to small businesses and economic development through greener energies. It’s common sense.” Read more