Legislator Oros boards Murphy express

Minority Leader Cites Commitment, Business Sense With Election Day less than three weeks away Legislator George Oros (Cortlandt – R, C, I) has formally endorsed Yorktown Councilman Candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy. Citing Dr. Murphy’s commitment to having Child Safety Zone legislation passed, as well as his success as a business owner in Yorktown , Mr. […]

Yorktown Police Benevolence Association boards Murphy express

Councilman Candidate Keeps Momentum Going Towards Election Day On Thursday evening Yorktown councilman candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I – Jefferson Valley ) received the endorsement of the Yorktown PBA. Murphy, who is the founder and president of Keeping Westchester Safe, attributes this endorsement to his commitment to the protection of Yorktown ’s children. “Having […]

Murphy honored by Yorktown Teacher’s Union endorsement

I am proud to accept the endorsement of the Yorktown Teacher’s Union. It is only fitting to have received this endorsement following my 25 year high school reunion this past weekend. Having been born and raised in this town I have many fond memories of my time going through the Yorktown school system. The teacher’s […]

Candidates sign fair campaign pledge

Democrats Join Republicans on Issue Based Campaign In an unprecedented act of civil unity, local GOP and Democratic candidates stood together today in support of the republican proposed Fair Campaign Pledge. The pledge, which is being applauded by residents across town, calls for an issue based campaign and states candidates will refrain from personal attacks […]

Murphy calls for fair campaign pledge

Councilman Candidate Joins GOP Candidates on Issue Based Campaign Citing more evidence of the negative mudslinging which has infected the early elections of 2009, Councilman Candidate Dr. Terrence Murphy (R, I – Jefferson Valley) stood united with his fellow candidates to call for a fair campaign pledge. Joining him was supervisor candidate Susan Siegel, councilman […]

Murphy brings green energy to Yorktown

Town Board Candidate Walks the Walk Surrounded by supporters, local officials, and candidates, Terrence Murphy (R,I) unveiled the newest addition to Murphy’s Restaurant and Bar. Hidden behind the hustle and bustle of one of Yorktown’s busiest kitchens now sits one of Yorktown’s first green energy suppliers. “I am very excited to announce Murphy’s Restaurant has […]

Murphy Lands Independence Party Endorsement

Dr. Terrence Murphy, a candidate for the Yorktown Town Board, has received the coveted endorsement of the Westchester County Independence Party. Murphy’s promise to restore fiscally responsible government to Yorktown agrees with the high standards of the Independence Party, which is committed to voter participation and involvement by all residents of the town. “As a […]