Murphy, Ball, demand swift passage of statewide Child Safety Zone law after pedophile is placed near schools, daycare and bus stop

Carmel, N.Y. – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) was joined by local lawmakers in Carmel on Friday to demand that his statewide Child Safety Zone Law (S1475) be passed immediately for the protection of our children in the wake of revelations that Level 3 Sex Offender and convicted pedophile Lance Smith was placed […]

Murphy & Keeping Westchester Safe demand County Board action on protecting kids from sex offenders

Dr. Terrence Murphy, President of Keeping Westchester Safe, today joined State officials for a press conference where they demanded that legislation be introduced and passed for the protection of our children by the Westchester County Legislature. “My wife and I founded the Keeping Westchester Safe for my children,” said Dr. Murphy, who is also a […]

Sex Offender Watch Task Force comes to Yorktown

Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) called a public meeting of the Assembly Minority Sex Offender Watch Task Force on Thursday to discuss new Child Safety Zone legislation for Yorktown, New York. Ball, who worked with legislators in Putnam County to enact Child Safety Zones has been working with Councilman Terrence Murphy to […]